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  • stanley neal

    +I need a modern building for raising chickens

  • Devon Reimer

    +We just bought a 26 acre piece of property in Sergeantsville, NJ. It is a dream come true and plan to start building this year. We need a barn for my two lovely horses. I grew up with horses on our property and can't wait to live that way again.

  • Sherri Scamoffa

    +We moved to pa in 2009 when we came here to do a tire clean up. After the job was done they Couldnt afford to pay us, since you couldn't get blood from a stone & to go after their house would be wrong. We decided to take over the commercial property. We since have been trying to make it go of the recycling business up here in PA. With the extreme cold temperatures and snow. It has been very hard. We have been looking for a house but you get one with a barn is so expensive which means the down payment has to be more. Which the money that we are using to make a go of this business we took from our deposit on the house We are in the position to buy a house without a barn. But I have four horses so I would definitely need a barn. Cause I could never afford the board and make a go of this business. My youngest is 10 which my father gave me as a Christmas present that he said would last me the rest of my life. My oldest is 30 that I've had for 20 years, she is blind but in great shape.

  • Kelly Mehallow

    +My three horses don't have a run-in shelter in their pasture. I would love to have something that allowed them to escape the elements. If I were to win this free barn by Lester Buildings, I could do that for them.

  • Tammy Frey

    +I built my home 2 years ago and since then I have been planning to move my 2 horses from my parents property to mine. I have owned my 28 year old QH gelding for 25 years. He has gone to college with me and been my best friend. My dream has always been for him to spend his last years with me at MY home. Finances are a struggle for me, as with a lot of people, but I would LOVE to be able to have a nice barn for my aging equine partner to retire in for his elderly years. He's DEFINATELY earned it!!! (Thank you for considering my entry)

  • Kim Maxfield

    +Presently we have 6 horses at home here on our Hobby Farm in Spooner, WI. 5 out of the 6 are rescue horses. First is our 28 year old Tennessee Walker, Winchester, that was saved from a Kill Pen by a friend that attends Horse Auctions and saves horses from Kill Pens that are still healthy despite their age, however, he was 300 lbs. under weight. Second is Arty, now 2 years old this past Nov. of 2013, an Appy, he too was in a Kill Pen and had been starved. Third is a pony, Darby that we found running around our area wild. He was wounded and severely underweight, dehydrated, and scared out of his mind. Lastly, we adopted 2 little girls, a pony, 11, named Berry and a mini, 1, from a nasty Divorce situation where they were going to be shot in the head out of spite. We do not have a large enough space to house them in inclimate weather, though we have squeezed all 6 into our small pole building when it has been sub zero temps, but now the door is frozen shut. No lean too yet either. :(

  • Terry Bahner

    +I am buying a small acreage this Spring so I can spring my own horse out of board, and bring my daughter's retired eventer into a secure, permanent home. Building a barn is beyond my means, but I would love to give these guys who have given so much to each of us a warm, safe place to go in severe weather, when they need stall time and for farrier and vet visits.

  • Linda Hauck

    +I would like to become a satelliye therapeutic riding center for Discovery Riders, Inc. They presently are located on 4.7 actes with 9 horses. Becoming a satellite would enable flexibility in scheduling and making it more convenient for students who live west of he existing center which is located in Zanesfield, OH. Visit www.discoveryriders,com for more information about the non-profit organization.

  • Judy Gitto

    +I have been breaking, training and showing for over 35 years. I have always boarded or leased a barn for my horses. I have recently retired and we are on a good piece of land; Its always been my dream to have my horses at my home.

  • latoya combs

    +We could really use a new barn, the one we have is old and floods when it rains. The horses don't like going in there. There are no doors on the barn. And our saddles get very dusty. And don't get me wrong we are thankful for the piece of barn that we do have, We could really use a new one. Thank you

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