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  • Gilberto Sotelo

    +I love animals and wish the best care for them and I also have a four children whom also love animals as well and wish to show them a greats experience and teach them how to care for animals as well

  • Toni Lancaster

    +I am a huge fan of Nutrena feeds and my horses would love a nice barn!!

  • Kimberly Walsh

    +We (my siblings and I) all live on the family farm. A couple of years ago i rescued a couple of horses, which i love dearly. My brother (the cattle guy) hates horses and want them out of the pasture immediately. So I am in the process of fencing in new pastures for these 2 horses. The one thing I really need is a barn for the horses to get in out of the winter cold. This barn world mean the world to me and my horses.

  • Conda Smith

    +We could use a good horse barn. Right now our horses are out in the weather. We can't afford an actual barn. We heard about this sweepstakes and we thought that it was a good idea to enter.

  • Jillian Smith

    +I have always dreamed of being able to look out my window and see all of my happy animals in a barn on my property! I board my horse now but don't get to see him as often as I would like since the barn is about 30 minutes away. Having him and other animals at home would just be a dream come true! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Charles Greeson

    +Like to have a nice barn because I have never been able to provide a nice place for my horses to stay. Now I am on Social Security disability and really can not afford one. Have open barn for the horses to get in out of the rain Thank you very much

  • Michael Wagisbach

    +I have a retired show cow, calf and barrel horse. The cow is bred and expecting in January. She already has a calf which we have loaned to another girl in FFA. My grand daughter and cow won her class in all major Texas rodeos and finished 3rd overall as calf cow pair in Junior Nationals for Santa Gertrudis breed. We have also acquired a horse since my grand daughter has become a member of her college rodeo team. My herd is growing and I need shelter. We live in a horse community and can have a barn. Since all the finances are going to college and support and train animals the barn is last on the can afford list. Our grand daughter was given to us by court order and all of the above has changed her life for the better. We want to keep the momentum with her and a barn would help that situation continue. I am grateful for this opportunity which you are providing. Thank you for you time and consideration Michael Wagisbach

  • Kristina Hummell

    +I'm also a board member for Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue in Jones Oklahoma. I know Jennifer McCannon has already requested this for Blazes, and I want to add my voice. We rescue horses by assisting law enforcement involved in animal cruelty and neglect cases only in any part of the state. Last April Blaze's had the largest seizures in history of 63 horses and 3 llamas with over 30 dead horses on site. With having only a 4 horse stall barn horses had to be constantly shuffled to make room for the most critical as they were brought to the facility. To date we have rescued over 1000 horses in 11 years with an average of 100-150 head on the property at any given time.. I have no stalls myself and I do not ask this for me but instead ask your consideration for Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue, The Cross family have dedicated there lives to helping those who have no voice. Pictured is one of the horses we seized that day. Thank you, Kristina Hummell

  • Diane Eck

    +We have been saving for years but havnt had enough money for building one of our dreams a barn. We would store our feed for the animals. Keep the animals out of the weather conditions.

  • Kristy D'Alessandro

    +I feel I should win a new barn because I can no longer afford to board my horse at a boarding facility because my dad has left our family for another women and has taken our fanilies` income with him. Through all of this my horse has always been there for me and I could never imagine a life without her. Her and I would both appreciate a barn very much.

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