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  • Annette Steinhardt

    +Would love to move and live with my rescue horse.

  • Emily McConnell

    +This last year my dear and wonderful neighbor gave me her sixteen-year-old gelding as my very own horse. After years of training horses for neighbors and a non-profit organization I now have a horse of my own. Bodie comes paid for until Spring. Afterwards, I need to figure out how I'll pay for him and where we'll store his hay, as we don't have a barn. Once I graduate from high school I plan to get a job to support my horse, but I have a lot of financial costs ahead. If I won Lester Barn Materials my costs would be cut in half, my sister who also owns a horse would have a place to keep her hay and we wouldn't have to take over my parent's shop for our tack and feed. I wouldn't have to burden my parents with the cost of putting up another hay shelter and it would solve our problem as to how I'll afford to keep Bodie. With a building for our hay and tack I wouldn't have to worry about paying to build another hay shelter or being a financial burden to my parents.

  • Terry Nettles

    +My husband and I are "senior citizens" with a whole lot of giving and living left. We've always had horses and actively shown in many disciplines. At this time my husband is showing an AQHA gelding for an all around saddle. Thru our years we've worked very hard for everything we needed for our horses, nothing ever handed to us. Our "barn" is a 3 stall shed row building we built ourselves over 20 yrs ago. We cannot afford to buy or build at this time. We're retired and on a "fixed" income, so, when I saw this I jumped at the chance. Thank you for the opportunity to win a barn or someone else a chance to win.

  • Kathie Ball

    +I lost my house in a tornado last June and am living in a 23' camper with my 2 dogs. I have been fighting with my mortgage company for the insurance money after a horrible insurance mess up and still have yet to receive what little settlement I have been allotted to receive. I pray I will be able to figure out a way to secure something to live in. I have a barn on my property that is at least 60 years old that has seen better days. I live on a limited income and will probably not ever be able to restore the old barn so I pray you would feel I deserve a new barn for my horses. I and the horses would truly appreciate it.

  • Wendy Moore

    +Because I am currently using an old out building converted for my 2 horses. As such it is not an ideal situation.

  • Justina Coil

    +I don't have a barn for my horses and therefore can't feed them separately and when one is injured (twice in less than a year) I'm unable to keep them inside and out of the elements (that is hard on leg bandages!). I would love to have a barn to be able to take better care of my horses and have a safe and controlled environment for my 2 year old son to interact with them because he always wants to "wide the hooses!" Help please!

  • Shirley MarquardtTynan

    +15 Years ago we bought a mini-ranch in Central Texas because we loved being outside and roaming the property. We are such animal people so it was only natural that our children would love animals too. When our daughter went on family vacation to a ranch, she asked to go riding in the morning...and then at lunch...and then at dinner. Too saddle sore to move, we talked with the barn manager and she said sure Ryan could spend all day at the barn helping and riding. We didn't see her except at meals for 5 she has her own horse and rides eventing (dressage, stadium, and cross country). The money goes to shows and board and making her dream come true. Keeping the horse at our place with our new barn would go a long way to making her dreams of the Olympics and ours of a functioning farm closer to coming true!!!

  • Carol Parker

    +We own a small farm where we raise cattle and Arabian horses, we own one small barn and there is never enough room for our equipment and shelter for our animals. A new barn would be wonderful especially during our cold and wet winters!

  • Laurita Simmons

    +We have to store all of our equipment and feed in my dad's old barn for all of our livestock and pets. A barn would be very useful to us.

  • Denise Hansen

    +We built a 'run-in' for our beloved horses out of used sheet metal to save money. It is open to the elements & becomes a wind tunnel everyday- we live in a very windy place. The sheet metal is rusting from the very frequent fog & is sharp at those places. My husband refuses to spend money on a barn rehab because he believes they don't need a barn at all. We have a 40 y/o horse (past 'special needs' lsn horse) who really needs protection from the wind, cold, & damp, along with the 17 y/o who replaced the 40 y/o giving rides to autistic kids as part of a special program I teach, & we have our granddaughter's 4-H horse. The horse she has schooled herself to 2nd level dressage in hopes of someday becoming a trainer. We would love to have a barn that protects these wonderful family members. It doesn't have to be fancy- just safe! We really appreciate this chance!!

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